YouTube Video's by other people, that might be interesting too. Subjects I like.

Nice walk every morning to the pool, I Spent a great 3 week there, I'll be back.  

A nature walk at it's best, what a place to be natural


nice walk through the woods, so relaxing, wish I was there    
A nice walk in spring forest, Birds singing, looks and sounds good too me    
A fascinating insight into our planet and how it breaths. Then the Moon and so much more to see.    
The Hubble    
A Drone flight over the Fiji islands    

How a top Fual Dragster works.

David Grubnic

Team Kalitta top fual Dragster driver

Talks you through it


Santa Pod Raceway uk.

I used to frequent Santa Pod 45+ years ago. Boy has it changed for the better, from a muddy fields with dirt mounds each side of the strip to stand on for a good view. we used to camp or sleep in ones cars over night ready for the big day, Sunday. it was a fantastic weekend event then, with the sounds and the vibration through your body.


Apart from the top fual class,Then it was the day of the small A30 engin of Stripduster, best in it's class.

Thank you Santa Pod, you helped to give me some of the best memories, together with my early days friends.

Stunt Fest 2017 Highlights at Santa Pod Raceway.    

The SR-91

Aurura aircraft ?

The SR 91 Aurora aircraft fly by    
F1 2017 New look cars in action in Barcelona    
Crazt things seen every day only in Dubai    




Space X




The Secret Space mission of Russia






SpaceX Tour - Texas Test Site

SpaceX: Man On Mars for only $500,000 - Falcon XX Heavy CONFIRMED!!!    
SpaceX announces 2018 Mars mission    
 U.S. Classified Black Budget Aircraft / Secret Space Program  

Is this a Conspiracy?


a manipulation of the truth?

The Most Terrifying Top Secret Aircraft In The Military. Most Secret Military Aircraft  
5 Strangest Photos of Military Mysteries  
7 Top Secret Military Weapons  
  Music Video's  

Marta Altesa.

Bass Player


Marta Altesa.

Bass Player

Jamiroquai -

Time Won't Wait


Marta Altesa.

Jamiroquai - Little L

[Bass & Drum Cover]


Best FEMALE Bass player in the world!

Tal Wilkenfeld

Jamming with JEFF BECK


Jeff Beck

Eric Clapton

Tal Wilkenfeld


Ronnie Scott's


Herbie Hancock

Tal Wilkenfeld





Eric Clapton


at the

Rayal Albert Hall


Great number But you dont need the stuff


At 70 he is doing great

Led Zepperlin



Jimmy Page

John Bonham

John Paul Jones

Robert Plant














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